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Massey Ferguson Injection Pump A3.152 - INJPUMP04

Massey Ferguson Injection Pump A3.152 - INJPUMP04


Massey Ferguson Injection Pump A3.152

3 Cylinder, Regular Injection

INJPUMP04 - Replaces Tractor Part #:
Weight: 14.00 lbs
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MASSEY FERGUSON 35, 50, 202, 203, 204, 205
Injection pumps are an intricate component and are somewhat difficult part to install properly. Please refer to an authorized service publication before attempting to install. All of our injection pumps are produced in large factories that produce tens of thousands of injection pumps annually. Each pump is thoroughly inspected and fully tested before packaging. As expected, we see near zero warranty claims because of material or workmanship defects from the factory. We do, however, experience many warranty claims that actually have no problem within the pump itself. These claims are attributed to unqualified persons attempting to install the pump not knowing the proper procedure needed to install an injection pump and/or to bleed a diesel fuel system. When we test the majority of these warranty claims, the pumps perform as normal. We also experience some returns with damage to the pump because of improper installation, contaminated fuel, and/or running the pump without first priming it. Starting November 20 2015, we will no longer test and repair pumps free of charge. Below you will find our pricing schedule: Test and return properly working pump: $75.00 plus shipping. Test and repair damaged pump: $250 labor, plus parts and

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