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Cross Creek Tractor is a distributor of aftermarket replacement parts for farm tractors and light construction equipment.
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About Us

Our Mission Is Quality, Service, And Value.

  • Quality:
  • We are committed to provide quality tractor parts for our customers.
  • Service:
  • We are committed to offer our customers the most professional service in the industry. Our friendly knowledgeable staff is here to assist you to get you the right parts as quickly as possible.
  • Value:
  • We strive to provide the best value in the industry.
  • We commit ourselves to this mission at every encounter with our customers.

Our Story

Cross Creek Tractor was established in 1985 as a used tractor and equipment dealer. In 1987 we took advantage of an opportunity to buy a small tractor salvage yard and our tractor parts business was born. We rolled along in the used parts business for many years, but slowly moved into the new aftermarket tractor parts business. In 1999 we expanded by building a new office and showroom with warehouse space for new aftermarket parts and started growing our line of new parts. In 2006 we once again expanded by starting our own machine shop and shortly thereafter began moving some of the parts that were being made overseas back to America.

We now have a broad range of new aftermarket parts, a large tractor salvage yard, and fully equipped machine shop to offer our customers one of the best ranges of tractor parts in the USA.

Key Team Members

  • Dean Mangum
  • Dean Mangum
  • President
  • Dean grew up with a love for all things mechanical and a passion to buy and sell. At an early age, he had a dream to own and operate his own business. He soon discovered his niche when he found that there was a local need for quality tractor parts at an affordable price. Pursuing his dream and his love of tractors, he established Cross Creek Tractor at the early age of 19.

    He has been at the helm from the start, and oversees all aspects of day to day business.

  • Sabrina Mangum
  • Sabrina Mangum
  • Vice-President/Office Manager
  • Sabrina is our Vice President, CFO, and office manager. She oversees the day to day activities of the accounting department staff. She has been active in the business since the very beginning, and helped grow Cross Creek Tractor into what it is today. Not afraid of sweat and hard work, she even helped build our first building.

    When not at work, you will find Sabrina playing an active role in her local Church.

  • Brian Mangum
  • Brian Mangum
  • Systems Administrator
  • Brian is our system administrator and resident computer guru. He also has a broad knowledge of tractor parts and sells as many parts as any of the other guys.

    He has been on staff since before computers were affordable for small businesses and he implemented our first computer install in 1995. Since then he has implemented every technology aspect of the business and runs the day to day operations of the website and computer system.

  • Jonathan Alexander
  • Jonathan Alexander
  • Sales
  • Jonathan is one of the first friendly faces you see when visiting our showroom. He's the newest addition to our sales staff, but don’t let that fool you. He has gained a vast knowledge of tractor parts in his seven year tenure at Cross Creek Tractor and is quickly becoming one of the best parts men in the industry.

    He is happily divorced and has two rambunctious preschoolers.

  • Jeff Crane
  • Jeff Crane
  • Sales
  • Jeff is another of the great parts men in the industry. He has been on staff for 15 years. He’s a problem solver and is our go to guy for anything mechanical, since he can fix anything. Along with selling parts, he oversees our repair and tear down shops, as well as looks after of all of the maintenance of the facility.

    He’s happily married with three children and two grandchildren.

  • Cody Vondrasek
  • Cody Vondrasek
  • Sales
  • Cody is another new addition to the sales team. He is a certified and experienced auto mechanic that has loved tractors since he was a little kid. In his spare time, he enjoys leveling up his skills at the BBQ, and makes a great tasting beef brisket.

    He is happily married to Emma Vondrasek and the newest addition to their family is Milo, a Boston Terrier, that you can sometimes find lounging around the office.

  • Jacob Kicker
  • Jacob Kicker
  • Sales
  • Jacob is one of the newest additions to the sales team. However, he brings with him over 15 years of experience in the service industry. He is always ready to help you find a solution to your problem, big or small. When he is not selling parts, you can find him enjoying the great outdoors with his family. They love hiking, camping, and kayaking.

    He’s a happily married man with three teenage boys.

  • Emma Mangum
  • Emma Vondrasek
  • Bookkeeper
  • Emma fills the position of Bookkeeper at Cross Creek. She works directly under the President, overseeing all accounting activities. She’s always here to help customers with questions about their billing or accounts, as well as fulfill the numerous accounting duties she has. She is married with a new rambunctious puppy named Milo, and is perusing an accounting degree with the goal of taking over as CFO in the near future.

  • Jeff Harris
  • Jeff Harris
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Jeff has been with us for 5 years. With his 35 years of experience at a local manufacturer, he was a perfect fit to join us to fill our warehouse manager’s position. He oversees the warehouse staff and is also responsible for inventory control and logistics.

    He’s a car fanatic that still owns and drives the cars he drove in high school. In the summer months he can be found at many of the local car shows.

    Jeff is happily married, and has two children.

  • Keith Smith
  • Keith Smith
  • Machine Shop Manager
  • Keith is our machine shop manager. He implements new product development and also oversees all programming, engineering, and research and development.

    He has over 40 years of machine shop experience with many of those years as plant manager for a large manufacturer in the aerospace industry.

    He never turns down a challenge, and can produce almost anything from a sample, drawing, or idea.

    When not at the machine shop, he can be found working on his cattle farm or fishing one of the many lakes in North Alabama.

  • Mick Kopp
  • Mick Kopp
  • Digital Marketer
  • Mick is our in house web designer/ developer. He's a genius UX/Visual Designer, Front End Developer, Email Marketer, Conversion Rate and SEO Specialist, as well as a great guy to work with.

    Since coming on board, he has completely redesigned our website, logos, and e-mail marketing. Almost everything in the digital realm at Cross Creek Tractor reflects Mick’s creativity.